The Symposium’s goal is to set up a platform to learn, debate and share views on the future of management. It will include ground-breaking keynote presentations and interactive sessions throughout the program that will blossom into both conceptual & practical focused topics. Some of the themes are listed below.

  • Management innovation

  • Transformation of management in XXI century organizations

  • Digitization and innovations in management

  • The management at the time of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • The role of the arts in management

  • Aesthetics, organization and new management

  • Understanding the impact of management innovation for organizations

  • Approaches to understand future management trends

  • Education and the evolution of management

  • Entrepreneurship and management innovation

  • Design and management

  • New management theory

  • Managers as leaders – leaders as managers

  • The role of knowledge in management

The Arts of Management Symposium

5 December 2019

University of Basilicata – Matera, Italy