The Arts of Management Symposium is about creating dialogue about the current practice and future trends in management. Our goal is that the Symposium will serve as an agora: a new type of platform for debating and learning. It is well known that there is no shortage of scientific events on the topic of management. However, in most events a lot of effort is put on writing papers before the event, preparing presentations and delivering them for small audiences in parallel sessions. This structure does not leave a lot of room for joint discussions and learning that takes place collectively during the process of the event. The focus is too much on “presenting and publishing my own research" instead of “sharing each of our best ideas and biggest concerns with the collective aim of learning to better understand art of management”. Therefore, at the Arts of Management Symposium we want to focus on debating big ideas, major problems, novel concepts and potential new directions in management while spending less energy on writing papers beforehand and using time on commenting the technical aspects of research papers. 

The Arts of Management Symposium

5 December 2019

University of Basilicata – Matera, Italy