The Art of Management Symposium

1-2 November 2017

St John’s University, Manhattan – New York (USA)


The Arts of Management Symposium focuses on management innovation (i.e. the theory and practice of management’s transformation) and the new knowledge-based models, approaches and tools of XXI century organizations. The Matera's special focus is:

Culture and Creativity  as Engine of Innovation


The Symposium’s goal is to set up a platform to learn, debate and share views on the future of management.



The Arts of Management Symposium is about creating dialogue about the current practice and future trends in management. Our goal is that the Symposium will serve as an agora: a new type of platform for debating and learning.



We know management is both science and art. The science is made up of general rules for ordering, reporting, controlling, and optimizing asset allocation.

The Arts of Management Symposium

5 December 2019

University of Basilicata – Matera, Italy

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